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Bin Stores

A garish litter bin overflowing with rubbish is unsightly, and in many urban areas, it will attract rats and foxes. Our range of bin stores provide a modern, attractive way of storing bins to avoid these problems.

Types of Bin Store

Bin stores are available in a range of materials, each of which has its own advantages. If you’re looking for something substantial, there are bin enclosures with architectural designs, featuring units that can contain several large bins. Some of these models have wooden housings, with robust steel or aluminium doors. Integrated lighting is also available on some installations. The units hide the bins out of sight and provide a neat and attractive storage space, suitable for housing estates, light industrial units or small shops.

Smaller bin stores can be made of slatted wood, with hinged doors or lids. There are also plastic stores. These options may not be as robust as the wood and metal versions, but they are light, portable and good value.

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