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Tree Grilles

Orbital Tree Grilles

These cast iron grilles have an elliptical design that looks fresh and modern. They'll look even better as time goes by, because they are made of corten steel, which weathers naturally, with the metal slowly oxidising over time, to build up a protective coat that will give the grille an exceptionally long life.

Robust as well as Stylish

The steel plate used for the tree grilles is 15mm thick and the support frame is made of galvanised steel, so they are exceptionally robust fittings. The tree has plenty of room to grow because the opening is 342mm in diameter. The grille sits flush with the ground and is secured firmly in place with bolts through the sides of the frame.

Choice of Sizes

The grilles themselves come in two sizes. One has 800mm sides and a 20mm depth, which will support a tree weight of 80 kilograms. The larger one has sides of 1,000mm and will support 105 kilograms.

Land-Mark offers a full installation service, or can supply the grilles for you to fit yourself.

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