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Vehicle Height Restriction Barriers

Access-control devices like height restriction barriers and folding bollards must be tough and durable, but as street furniture, they can also enhance – or be detrimental to – the landscaping of your local environment. That's why Land-Mark provides designs that are functional, highly visible and coordinated.

They allow you to protect pedestrians, vehicles, cargo and premises from accidental damage or trespass, but also provide an opportunity to exhibit the professionalism and environmental responsibility of your organisation.

They can be customised with powder coatings, reflective bands of red and white chevrons, hazard markings and height warnings.

Flexible Solutions

Land-Mark's controllable barriers and bollards provide you with flexible traffic-control options. These access barriers swing in or out of position, enabling you to make exceptions when necessary (for example to admit emergency or window cleaning vehicles). Folding bollards provide similar flexibility by tucking away into protective ground-level recesses and they can safely carry the weight of a vehicle.

Quality Standards

Like our range of bollards, our height restriction barriers are made from premium-grade mild steel and are hot-dip galvanised for lasting weather protection (ISO 1461:2009). They meet the standards required by the police approval scheme ‘Secure by Design’. They can also be supplied in a range of heights and widths, and we provide a full installation service.

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