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IO Rubber Outdoor Seating

Our funky and eye-catching IO rubber outdoor seating range is perfectly height-matched for kids, making it a great option for play areas and outdoor projects for children (full-size shapes are also available for big kids).

These outdoor seats aren’t just fun to look at and sit on; they’re environmentally friendly too: our larger rubber seats use 90% recycled SBR for the core, covered with an extra-comfortable, colourful EPDM rubber layer for a great, no-compromise finish.

We offer 22 rubber colour options for the outer layer to work with any colour scheme.

Secure, bolted surface mounting gives our IO rubber outdoor seating an extra element of safety and durability.

Fun Seating for Parks and Playgrounds

With a tough finish, our rubber seating is well suited to a lifetime out in the elements. Perfectly suited to playgrounds, parks and gardens, our IO rubber outdoor seating adds a splash of fun and colour to outdoor projects.

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