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Mild Steel Bollards

Made from mild steel for extreme strength and impact resistance, these durable bollards offer practical solutions for both pedestrian protection and demarcation of vehicle areas. They can easily be primed or painted to protect them from rust. It is also now possible to buy internally-strengthened versions, for anti-ram protection.

Mild steel bollards are often used as parking bollards, as well as in more generic settings such as in shopping centres, on industrial sites and in car parks. They are an inexpensive yet extremely effective and versatile solution, and they offer contemporary and elegant style.

The most well-known brands include Trident, Commander, Blueton, Gardman, TK and Sapphire.

Customised Steel Bollards

Mild steel bollards are available in various shapes and sizes, including round or square, flat-top or slant-top, and they also come in various finishes. The diameter, height and depth can also be tailored as needed. A full installation service is available, if required.

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