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Polyurethane Bollards

Polyurethane bollards are highly resistant to corrosion, chipping and high abrasion. They are also durable, extremely versatile and can be cast into very complex shapes.

These bollards are well suited to waterside locations, access points and pedestrian areas, and they can be used as vehicle bollards or traffic bollards. They are what is known as 'non-freezing', meaning they aren't cold to the touch. They are also low-maintenance.

The top brands available include Land-Mark, Marshalls and Autopa.


When it comes to bollards, there are three main types of installation:

• Root fixed – a specially designed part of the bollard is placed below ground-level and concreted in. This is regarded as the most secure way of installing a bollard.

• Base-plate fixed – a plate is added to the bottom of the bollard and is fixed to a concrete surface using a bolting system.

• Lift-out-and-lockable fixed – a removable post is put into an in-ground buried socket.

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