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Recycled Material Seating

At Land-Mark, we are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and promoting the use of recycled furniture in public places.

By filling our parks and green spaces with benches, tables and other furnishings that are crafted from recycled materials, we are not only reducing deforestation in rainforests across the world, but we are improving the environment closer to home too. Less production of plastics and other commercial materials means less waste going to landfill and fewer toxins from the manufacturing process emitted into the air.

Recycled-Plastic Park Benches

Our benches come in a variety of styles and designs. From a modern, curved bench to the more traditional cast stone picnic table, the choice is endless and the different options can be used to suit different areas of interest.

The Benefits of Recycled-Material Seating

The benefits of the recycled range don't just extend to the environment. The curved outdoor seating units and benches are non-toxic and are resistant to mould, bacteria and UV rays, which will also prolong their lifespan.


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