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Rising Arm Barriers

Our rising arm barriers provide robust and highly visible traffic-access control and yet are lightweight and environmentally unobtrusive. They are the ideal solution at entrances to car parks and access roads.

Stylish and Contemporary Street Furniture

Functionality and durability are our major concerns, but we never forget style. Street furniture around your premises creates an impression, so let it be stylish, modern, elegant and in keeping with the surroundings. Land-Mark provides finishes that are highly visible and meaningful, yet also modern-looking and attractive.

Your rising arm barriers can be coordinated with other street and traffic-control furniture, like folding bollards, vehicle bollards and automatic or remote-controlled gates.

Materials and Sizes

Barriers are constructed from premium-grade mild steel, galvanised to ISO 1461:1999 standard, and they can be lacquer-finished with red and white or yellow and black stripes, or with other designs to suit your purposes.

Typical height above the ground for these barriers is around 1.42 metres, and you can choose spans of three, four, or five metres. The boom rises easily to a 90-degree position thanks to an unobtrusive counterweight and can be locked in either position. The posts are seated in steel base-plates and the boom secures into a steel catch post. What’s more, Land-Mark will provide a full installation service.

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