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Stainless Steel Anti Skate Studs

If you are looking to protect your street furniture and buildings from damage by people using skateboards, investing in a product from Land-Mark's range of anti-skate studs would be a worthwhile investment. These products will protect your buildings and street architecture, and they also look good. They are able to withstand all weather conditions and are a trouble-free solution to this issue, as they are clearly visible to those they are designed to deter.

A Stylish Solution

Land-Mark's stainless steel anti-skate studs are available in a variety of styles, including bars, torpedoes, spheres and hemispheres. All the designs are made from premium-grade 316 stainless steel and they are all suitable for use on walls, seating and steps. Although the satin, stainless steel finish is the standard, there are other options available, including brass, copper or a bright finish. They have been designed so they are easy to fit, but a full installation service is also available.

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