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Swing Barrier Gates

Swing barrier gates are an ideal way to control traffic access to a particular area, such as a staff car park or an industrial access road. They allow you to deter general entry to a space, while offering easy entrance to those with rights of access. They can also be used as part of traffic calming measures.

Made from Premium Galvanised Steel

Here at Land-Mark, we offer a range of swing barrier gates to suit your every need. Durable and long-lasting, our manual gates are made from the best premium-grade galvanised steel, which means they will give you years of trouble-free service.

A Variety of Colours to Suit Your Needs

They can be painted in a variety of colours to suit your requirements, including hazard banding in black and white or black and yellow, so that they are easy to see in the dark. For you to be able to use them as and when you need, they come with catch posts, which enable them to be secured in an open position.

All our barrier gates can be set into concrete foundations, and we offer an installation service should you require one

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