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Timber Bollards & Parking Posts

Bollards are one of the most popular and effective ways to prevent vehicle access and segregate vehicle and pedestrian areas. In some circumstances though, particularly around older buildings or in conservation areas, concrete or metal bollards can look out of place or unsightly.

Land-Mark’s Timber Bollard Range

At Land-Mark, we have a solution to this problem in the form of our timber bollard range. Our Royale bollards are made of premium, sustainably-sourced hardwood, so that they won't look out of place in natural or heritage settings. They are made in four different sizes, from 100mm up to 200mm square.

A number of options are available, so you can ensure that your timber bollard installation suits your needs and the environment. The options include flat, angled or chamfered tops and you can specify recessed reflective bands in different sizes, for enhanced visibility. You can even opt for removable versions, to allow easy control of access to courtyards or parking spaces.

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