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Timber Seating

This timber outdoor furniture adds a classic look to the Land-Mark range of seating.

Hardwearing Timber Wood

Wood is a practical option for a timeless look that requires minimal maintenance. This style of seating is the perfect choice for a huge range of locations. For such a tough, hard-wearing material, timber really helps to create warm, welcoming surroundings.

A Range of Styles

At Land-Mark, our timber seating is available in a selection of designs, from heavy-duty, practical block seats to attractive, streamlined, curving creations. We work hard to bring you durable pieces that can fit into any scheme. The structural properties of these items of furniture integrate well with outdoor surroundings and also provide a dependable, long-lasting product.

The clean lines and organic style of these timber benches fit perfectly into a natural outdoor environment. Alternatively, they can add a simple touch to a modern urban area, providing pleasing juxtaposition to stark metallic or stone surroundings.

These products will last for years and classic timber seating will never go out of fashion.

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