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Tree Grilles & Grates

Land-Mark is proud to present its latest range of tree grilles, designed to protect young trees from damage and to support their growth, particularly in urban areas.

Each tree grille comes with a matching steel frame and full installation for a high-quality and efficient service.

Functional and Contemporary Designs

Our products are not only stylish but robust, long-lasting and secure.

These cast iron grilles from Land-Mark are available in a number of designs. Made from 250-grade cast iron and finished in rust-resistant paint, they combine durability with style. These tree grilles feature lighting recesses, irrigation holes and security clips to prevent unauthorised removal.

Colours can be matched to corporate branding and the grilles can be adapted to suit areas that require vehicular, as well as pedestrian, access.

For bespoke sizes, our premium-grade mild steel grilles can be tailored to specific measurements and can be coordinated to complement other mild steel street furniture.

Land-Mark also supplies traditional orbital tree grilles that are made from thick corten steel. This material will gradually oxidise, creating a long-lasting protective rust layer and a natural, weathered appearance.

Our tree grilles will complement any modern development or regeneration scheme. Browse the Land-Mark collection and choose the style that works best for you.

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