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Wheel Stops

As part of your traffic calming measures, you may want to install traffic-flow plates or wheel stops. Ideal for helping to control traffic in car parks and industrial areas, these devices can be installed in several different areas.

Stops Provide Control in Parking Bays

Here at Land-Mark, we offer a range of wheel stops suitable for both cars and heavier vehicles, such as HGVs. Made from sturdy and durable recycled rubber, they are used to stop vehicles from overrunning their parking bays.

Quick and easy to install, the stops are fixed to the ground using bolts and come in a variety of colours. We can even install them for you if you wish.

Plates Ensure One-Way Traffic

Our traffic-flow plates are helpful for ensuring one-way traffic flow, so they can be used to control the exit and entry of vehicles into restricted areas. They come in a standard, highly visible yellow colour and have a lock-down facility for when they're not in use.

The plates have been designed with strength in mind. Made from heavy-duty galvanised steel, they can easily be installed in concrete or tarmac and have buffers to reduce noise.

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