Here you can find real-life examples of our designer street furniture in a wide range of locations. All our pieces add style and a modern element to outside areas, whether designed for children, adults, or for safety purposes.

Meeting a Wide Range of Needs

Scroll through the gallery to view a large selection of our street furniture, including pieces made from stone, metal and wood. Each piece is practical, safe and visually appealing, and all are designed to suit their various needs and purposes.

Each picture shows how our street collection can create a modern, clean and stylish look, which is an important consideration for almost all outside spaces, from playgrounds and car parks to public seating areas.

Do You Want to Improve Your Outside Space?

Our gallery showcases a selection of our furniture, designed to meet a wide range of urban requirements, from stylish wooden seating to safe play areas for children. Let these pictures inspire you and provide ideas when updating your own outdoor space.



Salford University

Watch how Salford University’s outdoor space was transformed with the introduction of stylish and practical seating, lighting and cycle storage from Land-Mark.


Colchester Care Home

Watch the beautiful outdoor space at Woodland View Care Home in Colchester with the addition of gazebos and pergolas to create a calm and inviting environment.