Iconic Architects and Their Famous Buildings

Throughout history, there have been visionaries and pioneers that have changed the course of our species – be it through art, music, literature or science. The entire modern world is built on their shoulders.

The world celebrates painters, musicians, playwrights and physicists. We wanted to celebrate the designers of our human world.

In this category of unusual and brilliant people are the icons of architecture: the men and women who’ve inspired generations past and continue to inspire us today.

Many of the names in our gallery of icons are familiar to everyone, but some of the least-known architects have had the most profound impacts on our modern world.

Not all of our icons were responsible for an iconic structure. Their roles in history have been of founding mothers and fathers – beginning movements and ideals, forging a world that speaks volumes about who we are as a people and who we aspire to be.

These architects are a blend of trailblazing pioneers, polymaths and troubled geniuses, but each one has been chosen as one of our iconic architects for their influence and impact on culture, technology and society.

To celebrate history’s most iconic architects, we’ve built a beautiful interactive experience where you can get to know these pioneers a little better. Head to landmarkwales.com/iconic-architects and discover who’s been shaping your world.

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