Higher Standards in Communal Spaces

Glengall Road – Street furniture

New communal space created with large variety of timber planters, decorative boulders and play products.

“They offer a good product and a good service – which is exactly what we needed. They made my job straightforward by being on-site when required and, despite the anticipated installation issues, we didn’t encounter any problems at all. The products fit into their surroundings very well, are of a high quality and look as if they’ll be very robust.”

Mulalley & Co Project Manager

We recently provided street furniture for a new housing development (complete with communal areas) on Glengall Road, London.

As part of this project, we were required to supply timber planters, decorative boulders and play products. This project took place from July to October 2013.

The 64 new residential units were constructed within a reinforced concrete frame over eight floors and enclosed within a very limited space.

We used a combination of standard and bespoke units designed in collaboration with the architect. In total, 32 softwood timber planters were designed to complement the open-roof garden area perfectly. The items maximised the use of limited space through a clever combination of integral seating, varying heights and angled ends. Tall products were pre-assembled for minimum hassle and on-site work. For extra interest, glacial boulders and timber balance beams were added as durable and safe climbing features, with the boulders being placed in groups across two floors. This project represents a good example of how to deliver a mixed-use landscaped area that incorporates greenery, decorative feature rocks and play equipment.

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