A Welcoming Communal Space

White City Public Plaza Project

We worked in collaboration with the architects and contractors to create street furniture that worked perfectly with the space, meeting all criteria for quality, durability and visual appeal.

“The public plaza is a beautifully designed feature that is integral to the communal feel and success of the project.”

This project entailed supplying and installing a variety of products, including bespoke and standard hardwood seating, mild steel bollards (both static and fold-down) cycle stands, little bins and lighting columns.

The Bloom is a significant development in Hammersmith and Fulham consisting of public and private housing, all clustered around a pleasant green-space park, a public plaza and a £27-million health centre.

The project was made more complex by the multi-level nature of the concrete slab that formed the roof of the underground car park onto which we were installing the street furniture. Despite these obstacles, we still delivered on time and to specification.

We helped to develop the initial drawings to provide a suitable fixing mechanism even with space limitations.

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